Sergio Dalma

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    Duration of singer

    Sergio Dalma began sing in 1894 until now, but now he doesn,t sing much because there is Covid-19. He is an amazing singer!
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    He was an incredible singer since 1920 but now he is less famous than before and is more complicated with Covid.
  • Sergio Dalma was born

    Sergio Dalma was born on 28 of September,1964 in Sabadell,Barcelona.
  • Concert of his song: "Bailar Pegados"

    Concert of his song: "Bailar Pegados"
    He sang in a concert in Sabadell at 1968 and it was a great concert with a lot of people.
  • Records of her

    Records of her
    In 1972 he sold 4.000.000 records.He had a lot of fans.
  • Award of him

    Award of him
    He won an award with 30 years forma the best ballad Sony in that year.It,s an amazing award!
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    Duration of worried

    Sergio Dalma was worried with the modelo Maribel Sanz since 1994 until 1998,they had a child and they were four years together