Sense and Sensibility

  • Mr. Dashwood dies. The family has to leave their home.

  • Period: to

    Sense and Sensibility

  • Elinor meets Eduard Ferrars and they become friends.

    Eduard's sister, Fanny Ferrars tries to seperate him from Elinor.
  • Eduard's sister, Fanny tries to seperate him from Elinor.

  • The Dashwoods move to Devon.

  • Marianne meets Whilloughby. They fall in love.

  • Whilloughby's letter

    Whilloughby gets a mysterious letter from his cousin and has to leave for Londin at once.
  • Whilloughby has to leave for London at once.

  • The London Season

  • The two sisters are invited to London and reveal the secret

    secret and Eduard's promise to her.
  • Marianne meets Whilloughby in the ball with a lady...

    and sees a young lady...
  • The relationships between Marianne and Colonel Brandon

    become closer.
  • Eduard comes back.

    Eduard propose Elinor to marry him.
  • Marianne marries Colonel Brandon. The End