Sean Komer chapter 25 timeline.

By yzkid22
  • Atlantic charter

    Agreement signed by president franklin roosevelt and prime minister winston chrurchill in 1941 outlining the two nations, war aims,and its also called the declaration of principles became known as the atlantic charter. After the war, this charter would form the basis for the united nation. By: Riya
  • D-Day

    D-Day has taken place on june 6th 1944, shortly after midnight. At dawn on D-Day, the day the invasion of Western Europe began with massive shelling of the coast. The 150,000 troops came to shore and starting equipping for the battle of D-Day. By Sean Komer
  • The battle of the bulge

    The battle of the bulge started in mid december in 1944, it ended on january 25, 1945. Germany launched launched a counterattack in belgium and luxemburg. The german attacked the US. First army and pushed it back, forming a bulge in the opposite line. The result came to be known as the battle of the bulge. By: Kyla Zwawa.
  • Yalta conference.

    Roosevelt churchill, and stalin me at yalta. They discuss the final defeat of germany. The postwar world is being shaped at this conference. They split germany into 4 sections. By: John Butya.
  • Germany surrenders

    The soviet army surrounded berlin, and on april 30, 1945, Adolf Hitler decided to commit suicide in his underground bunker. aAbout a week later on may 8, 1945, germanys remaining troops surrendered. American soldiers were excited, and people in america celebrated and cALLED IT V-E Day. By: Adam Pintar.