Scott Joplin

  • Scott Joplin is Born

    Scott Joplin is Born
    Scott Joplin is born sometime between late 1867 and early 1868. His place of birth is most likely Texas. However, no one is quite sure when or where he was born.
  • Childhood and Teen Years

    Childhood and Teen Years
    Scott was proficient at playing the Banjo and the Piano. His mother taught him about music at her place of work. Scott's interests in music spanned past the piano and the teachings of Julius Weiss, his tutor. He learned mandolin and guitar, while also singing.
  • As A Traveling Musician

    As A Traveling Musician
    Between the 1880s and 1890s, Scott traveled around purely as a musician. He eventually settled in St. Louis, which was a integral part of ragtim music. Also during this time Scott worked in clubs, such as the "Maple Leaf Club" and the "Black 400" club.
  • Original Rags

    Original Rags
    Scott's first moderately success composition was "Original Rags." His two previous rags, "A Picture of her Face" and "Please Say You Will", were unsuccessful at being published in 1895.
  • Maple Leaf Rag

    Maple Leaf Rag
    Scott Joplin's well-known ragtime composition, The Maple Leaf Rag, allowed him to become a more successful musician. This ragtime is one of the most well-known ones and allowed plenty of success and money for Scott.
  • Marries

    Sometime between 1900 and 1901, Scott married Belle Jones.
  • More Compositions

    Between 1900 and 1905, Scott had several other Ragtime compositions and an Opera published.
  • Divorce and Death

    Sometime during the 1900s, Scott and his wife divorced and lost their child shortly after its birth.
  • Remarries

    Scott Joplin remarries to a woman named Freddie Alexander, while in Arkansas.
  • Wife Dies

    Wife Dies
    After only about 10 weeks of marriage, Freddie Alexander dies due to Pneumonia
  • Life After Freddie

    Life After Freddie
    Jeplin moved away from Sedalia, where he had lived with Freddie. From 1904 to 1907, Scott had several compositions, but they weren't enormously successful. Scott had financial difficulties and moved around between Chicago and St. Louis.
  • More Compositions

    More Compositions
    As time went on, Scott released more ragtime compositions and make many friends in the ragtime business, who went on to be successful also. Scott lived in New York during this time.
  • Marries Again

    Sometime during 1909, Scott remarried to a woman named Lottie Stokes.
  • Treemonisha

    During 1910 and 1911, Scott Joplin self-published his opera. This eventually lead to his downfall.
  • Failure

    In 1915, Scott Joplin attempted to perform his opera, single-handedly. However, it proved to be a failure, resulting in more problems for Joplin, including bankruptcy and discouragement.
  • Death

    In 1917, Scott suffered from dementia and other problems due to Syphilis. He died on April 1st in New York at Manhattan State Hospital. It wasn't until after his death, did Scott get the recognition and appreciation he deserves. His talent is now more appreciated.