Scott Fitzgerald

  • Birthplace

    Scott Fitzgerald was born in Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • College

    Fitzgerald went to Princeton and dropped out for the army
  • Future spouse

    Future spouse
    He met Zelda Sayre at an army camp.
  • Accepted

    The Side of Paradise was accepted by Maxwell Perkins
  • Rise to greatness

    Officially begins his career as a writer
  • First novel

    First novel
    His first novel was called the Romantic Egotist
  • Seeking fortune

    Seeking fortune
    Fitzgerald returns to his birthplace and then wrote his first book named the Side of Paradise.
  • Only son

    Fitzgerald only son was born at Saint Paul, Minnesota
  • Moving

    The Fitzgerald’s move to Great neck Long Island
  • Break

    The family went to France for a break
  • His greatest hit

    Scott Fitzgerald made the most iconic book of his career which is The Great Gatsby
  • Breakdown

    Zelda Fitzgerald had a breakdown and had a psychiatric treatment
  • Crack up years

    Alcohol took hold of Scott Fitzgerald life and career
  • Hollywood

    Scott Fitzgerald moved to Hollywood alone to work for MGM
  • Death

    Scott Fitzgerald died of a heart attack