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Science Timeline

  • Leeuwenhoek`s invention

    Leeuwenhoek`s invention
    (No specific date found) Von Leeuwenhoek creates the first microscope by fusing two pieces of slumped glass together to form a sphere. He then mounted it between two brass plates so it was easy to hold.
  • Hooke`s discovery

    Hooke`s discovery
    (No specific date found) Robert Hooke observes the structure of cork(the cells) for the first time using one of many types of Leewenhoek`s microscope and gives cells their name.
  • Creation of the cell theory.

    Creation of the cell theory.
    *No specific date found* The cell theory was completed in the 17th century by the advance in microscopeology. The theory became one of the bases for biology.
  • Schliden and Schwan`s conclusion

    Schliden and Schwan`s conclusion
    *No specific date found* Schleiden and Schwann became the first to formulate that every living thing was made of cells and that cells are the basic structure of all living things. Schliden was also the first to recognize the importance of the nucleus in the a cell.
  • Virchow`s mimicing

    Virchow`s mimicing
  • Electrons enligtenment

    Electrons enligtenment
    *No specific date found* The fist prototype of the electrom micrioscope was made by Ernst Ruska and Max Knoll. It was capable of four hundre power magnification. Two years later Ruska built another that could exceed the magnification of a optic microscope. Electron passed through a super thin slice of the dead cell, giving detail of the slice there.
  • Inventions enlighten

    Inventions enlighten
    *No date found* The scanning electraon microscope probes a living specimin with electron particles. When these particals bounce off the specimin they generate energy that the microscope can detect. This allows you to see the specimin.