Science Timeline

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  • Large Coral Reefs Formed

    Large Coral Reefs Formed
    They developed in shallow seas, making a wall causing the water closer to the land to evaporate leaving rock salt behind.
  • Gondwana moves south

    Gondwana moves south
    This was the major cause of the mass extinctions during this period. This resulted in global cooling.
  • Period: to


  • First Jawed Fish Evolved

    First Jawed Fish Evolved
    They also develope armored plates that serve as protection
  • First Vascular Plants Evolve

    First Vascular Plants Evolve
    The plants were very small and reproduced through spores
  • Llandovery epoch started

  • Ireviken event

    It was the first and biggest of the three mass extinctions. It lasted for 200,000 years and wiped out 50% of Trilobites.
  • Wenlock epoch started

  • Mulde Event

    It was the second of three mass extinctions. This one conicided with global drop sea level and a excursion of geochemical isotopes.
  • Ludlow epoch started

  • Lau Event

    It was one of three relativly minor mass extinctions during this period, affecting mostly conodonts (fish-like creatures)
  • Pridoli epoch started

  • First True Biota Develop

    First True Biota Develop
    These Myriapoda start to walk on land in the form of millipedes and centipedes