Ernst Mach

By rmonge9
  • Birth of Ernst Mach

    On February 18, 1838 Ernst Mach was born in Brno, Czechia
  • Early education of Ernst Mach

    Mach was homeschooled until the age of fifteen.
  • Mach In Highschool

    Mach attended gymnasium for two years, Gymnasium is a form of high school that holds strong emphasis on education.
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    University of Vienna

    Ernst was only seventeen when he entered the University of Vienna to pursue his doctorate's degree in physics. He earned his degree five years later in 1860.
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    Time as a Professor

    After earning his Degree Mach taught mechanics and physics at the University of Vienna. Four years later in 1864 he left Vienna to teach mathematics at the University of Graz. Finally Mach left Graz in 1867 to teach experimental Physics at the Charles University in Prague.
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    Mach's Bands

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  • Image of Mach Band

    Image of Mach Band
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    Foundation for the Mach Number

    For the next twenty eight years Ernst Mach would stay at Prague to experiment with kinesthetic sensation. While setting his foundation, Mach will find himself developing the studies his well known for in the science community.
  • Mach Number

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  • Death

    Ernst Mach died in Munich, Germany leaving behind great contributions to the science community.