By lissy g
  • Glue

    The first glue was issued in Britain and it was made from fish.
  • Marie Curie

    Marie Curie expanded the world of radioactivity. She discovered the elements radium and polonium.
  • Thomas Edison

    Thomas edison invented the telegraph, the light bulb, and motion pictures.
  • Gugliemo

    Gugliemo was known for his inventions in wireless telegraphy and radio. His inventions made radio broadcast possible.
  • Albert Einstein

    He received a nobel prize in physics for his discovery of the formula E=mc2.
  • Aluminum Foil

    Tin foil was replaced with aluminum foil in 1910.
  • Jonas Salk

    He was known for developing the first effective vaccine for infantile paralysis.
  • Airbags

    Airbags were invented in 1973 by General Motors. The same year the first car with airbags was offered.