Savannah Crisp 3W

  • 570

    Anicent Civilization

    Anicent Civilization
    The streets were polluied with garage, and the sewers were pouiled to.So rome used water to sweep the streets clean.
  • 570

    The Middle Ages 1000-1600

    The Middle Ages 1000-1600
    The Bubonic plague kills 75% of Europe and Asias Pollulation. Queen Elenor leaves castle cause of hevy coal smoke. Law passed to be forbidden to throw garage into rivers.
  • Period: 570 to


  • May 2, 1000

    The Enlightment Era.

    The Enlightment Era.
    People starting to get sewers and trying to pass a law to stop waste dumping.The use of coal gas for lighting first experiments.
  • Industrial Revolution 1810-1890

    Industrial Revolution 1810-1890
    1812 First gas lights.They used manufactured gas for these. It caused coal problems in the envirorment.The air and water popilation caused health problems to humans.
  • The Progressive Era 1890-1920

    1892 -- 1,000 Londoners died in smog incident. They had a huge smog problem it was filling the citiites. 1892 -- 1,000 Londoners died in smog incident.
    The Smog started on December 4, 1952, and lasted until march of 1953. It was a great disaster that killed lots of people. it began to be a very cold winter and because of the cold londoners began to burn more coal than usual and it polluted fast. It got so bad people couldn’t even see to drive.
  • Depression 1920-1940 and WW2 1940-1960

  • The Seventies

    1970- The first national Earth Day celebration is organized.1970 -- Clean Air Act is passed- control air pollution on a national level.
    This when people started makeing laws and where pollulation wasn't so bad as before.
  • The Eighties

    1981- Citizens Clearinghouse for Hazardous Waste was formed. It was a movement of environmental justice. 1981 -- Congress passes Coastal Barriers Resources Act and Nuclear Waste Policy Act.- They Created the act to encourage development of repositories for the disposal.
  • The Nineties

    1991- UN Antarctic Treaty- To keep peace in Antarctica so that there is no mining, limits pollution, and protects animal species.
    They formed serveral groups to provent pollulation and tryed to help clean up the envirorment.
  • 2000 (Now)-