Sarah's and Alaji's Environmental Timeline

  • William Penn Saving Trees

    William Penn Saving Trees
    For every five trees cut down, governor William Penn made the colonists conserve one of the trees.
  • The Lacey Act

    The Lacey Act
    The Lacey Act said that hunting in Yellowstone National Park and securing wildlife to other states is illegal. This started the development of more laws being created to protect animals. Animals became safer and less likely to become endangered.
  • Burton Act

    Burton Act
    The Burton Act protected Niagara Falls from the usage of hydroelectric power. This begun more laws that saved water. This water should be used in other ways. People started using water more wisely.
  • Sewage in the New York Harbor

    Sewage in the New York Harbor
    New Jersey was sued by New York because they put sewage in the New York Harbor. New Jersey won,so they continue dumping sewage. New York lost money because they lost in court. Also, the New York Harbor got even more disgusting since New Jersey continued sewage into it.
  • Air Pollution

    Air Pollution
    The first U.S city to focus on and research air pollution was Salt Lake City. Salt Lake City encouraged other cities to take a closer look at air pollution, too. This made the air become cleaner.
  • The Bald Eagle Preservation Act

    The Bald Eagle Preservation Act
    The Bald Eagle Preservation Act was passed. This helped the Bald Eagles from becoming extinct. In 2007 the bald eagles became no longer endangered. This saved an animal from becoming endangered, and not just any animal; the United State’s national symbol. Bald eagles became no longer endangered.
  • The Everglades

    The Everglades
    The Everglades National Park was created by President Truman. Soon after that, The Everglades: River of Grass was written by Marjorie Stoneman Douglas. This added a new national park to the world. The amount of national parks in the world increased.
  • Smog

    Schools in Los Angeles were closed for a huge amount of October because of thick heavy smog. This made people more aware of smog and the damages it could cause. People became more conscious of how much smog was coming into the world.
  • Pesticides

    Rachel Carson wrote a book about why pesticides are dangerous. This book is called, Silent Spring. Years later, the federal government made it illegal to use certain pesticides. Certain pesticides became illegal to use. People became more aware of the harm that pesticides have.
  • Clean Air Act

    Clean Air Act
    The first law that monitored air pollution and emission. This law was called Clean Air Act. This started more monitoring of air pollution and emission. The air became cleaner.