Sarah Myers's Timeline!(:

  • Birth!(:

    This day was when Cody Robert Simpson was born! His parents are Brad and Angie Simpson. He was born in Gold Cost, Queensland, Australia!
  • First guitar lesson!

    First guitar lesson!
    Sometime in 2004 Cody had his first guitar lesson, his teacher told his parents that he had an ear for this instrunment, and that's when he started posting videos on youtube!
  • Twitter!

    Cody Simpson joined Twitter to keep up with his fans, and to tell them where he was going to be performing next. Or to just say what's up!
  • Rise to Recognition!

    Rise to Recognition!
    Cody's song "iYiYi was featured on The 7.30 Report in December 2009 it was in the top 20!
  • Signed!

    Sometime in April 2010, he signed with Atlantic Records, and his new career took off!
  • iYiYi

    Cody's first debut single iYiYi came out on this day, this was a top hit!(:
  • Moving Time!

    Moving Time!
    Cody and his family move to Los Angeles in June 2010 from Austalia! WOW!
  • Breakthrough Internet Sensation!

    Breakthrough Internet Sensation!
    Cody won Best Breakthrough Internet Sensation Award on in August 2010, at this award ceremony! Big step for him!
  • 4 U!

    4 U!
    His first EP soundtrack titled, 4 U came out and was a best seller! Good job Cody!(:
  • Coast to Coast TOUR!

    Coast to Coast TOUR!
    Cody's coast to coast tour started on August 5th, which is when he sang in different place from coast to coast!