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samuel morse

  • Birst of Smauel Morse

    Birst of Smauel Morse
    in charlestown, massachusetts
  • the reasoning for the telegraphy

    when coming home to find that his wife had passed and already buried he thought of a way for some one to reseve a message faster then a letter
  • telegraph

    Samuel Morse invented a telegraph machine that used a series of dots and lines to send coded messages along wires.
  • electromagnetic telegraph

    electromagnetic telegraph
    it was improved by it being able to use it with electical signals and having in go through radio.
  • Death of Samuel Morse

    Death of Samuel Morse
    at the age of 80 morse had passed in 5 west 22nd street new york, NY
  • the impact from the telegraph

    it gave people the chance to find out things when some one improtant happened just by using morse code.
  • the telephone

    the telephone
    with the invention of samuel morse telegraph help lead to the telephpne.
  • the improved telegraph

    the improved telegraph
    in the 1900's there improved the telegraph by building it out of all metal.
  • telegraph today

    telegraph today