Sam walton

Sam Walton

  • The Birth of a Giant

    The Birth of a Giant
    Sam Walton is born to Thomas and Nannia Walton, in Kingfisher, Oklahoma. Sam was the first of the two brothers to be born. He was a bright and curious child.
  • A Depressing Time

    A Depressing Time
    The Great Depression takes place. The United States suffers an economic meltdown. The stock market crashed, causing huge losses for investors. Most people had little to no money due to the difficulty of finding a job.
  • Love Is...

    Sam meets Helen at a bowling alley. They fall in love and get married. Helen encourages and follows Sam wherever his business takes him. Throughout all the craziness she still raised the three kids to be as successful and kind as their father.
  • The Wall Takes a Fall

    The Wall Takes a Fall
    The Berlin wall is torn down. This happened at the end of World War II with the defeat of Hitler. This symbolized taking down the wall that separated the communists from the rest of the world.
  • A Big Help

    Helen's father lends Sam $20,000 to kick start his first retail store. Helen's father believed in Walton and trusted him with the $20,000. Sam's Ben Franklin was very successful due to the donation. Sam could pay back Helen's father in no time.
  • Starting Over

    Sam Walton lost his first successful retail store, Ben Franklin, due to the fact that his landlord wouldn't renew the building. Then the landlord gave the building to his son. This forced Walton to "start over" in Bentonville.
  • Flying High

    Flying High
    Bud Walton flies his brother Sam to Ruskin Heights, Missouri. Bud went on to fly Sam to visit his stores or look for new locations. Bud said that plane would fall apart sooner or later but it always got the job done. Then eventually Sam could fly the plane himself.
  • A New Direction

    Sam's first building in his new retailing chain opens in Rogers, Arkansas. Walton named the building Wal-Mart after his last name. The building was small and dumpy looking. But that didn't keep the shoppers from piling in on opening day.
  • The Death of Rock'n Roll

    The Death of Rock'n Roll
    Rock'n roll legend Elvis Presley dies. He was found on the bathroom floor in Graceland. He was announced dead at the hospital. Later they found that he died from prescription drug overdose.
  • Growing Pains

    Walton was diagnosed with bone cancer. This was shortly after he noticed a pain in his chest spread to his arm. This slowed down Walton in his busy life and eventually killed him.
  • A Well-Deserved Gift

    A Well-Deserved Gift
    Walton was given the Medal of Freedom from President H.W. Bush. This was given for his dream of being the largest retailer and making it come true. The President said in a choked up voice,"I salute you." This made Walton very proud.
  • All Good Things...

    All Good Things...
    Sam Walton died at age 74, from old age, hairy cell leukemia, and bone cancer. This occurred just nineteen days after he receieved the Medal of Freedom from the President. His death also took place shortly after his birthday.