Saint Ignatius High School Timeline

  • New President

    John Newustich Becomes President.
  • Start of it all

    St.Ignatius High School is started by a group of german Jesuits. It started with 75 students and 4 teachers. John Neusticn, S.J. becomes the president from 1886-1888
  • JUGS and the Arts

    JUGS and the Arts
    The JUG evoves a a punisment. Also the first annual theatrical production is held in the spring. The Dean of Students would inforce the JUGS
  • Presidents

    Henry Knappmeyer becomes President
  • Building

    The Main Building is completed and then enrollment is up to 143 students and 15 teachers. Also baseball becomes the premier sport.
  • President

    Joseph Leltalle becomes president.
  • President

    Godfrey Schulte becomes president
  • President

    John Zahm becomes president
  • Baseball

    The first organized baseball program is made, coached by James Scullin.
  • president

    George Pickel becomes president
  • President

    John Furay becomes president
  • president

    William Sommerhauser becomes president
  • Carrol Gym

    Carrol gym is built.
  • World War I and football.

    World War I and football.
    Marching Drills are held to prepare students for war. Also The first officail football game is played and won against Loyola High School, 68-0.
  • president

    Thomas Smith becomes president
  • FOOTBALL and Baseball

    FOOTBALL and Baseball
    football and baseball games are played at Edgewater park, and admission is free.
  • New school day

    The school day at ignatius was then 9:00 AM till 2:25 PM.
  • President

    Murtha Boylan becomes president
  • The Eye

    The first issue of the "eye" is published.
  • President

    Benedict Rodman becomes president
  • Sports

    A."red" Reynolds is appointed as the first atlietic director. Also the first football game under the lights in ohio is played, St. Ignatius vs Holy Name at Luna Park, and ignatius won 24-7.
  • The depression hits

    Football players have to share headgear due to the Great Depression.
  • "Hecks"

    Francis Heckman opens "hecks", the before and after school hangout.
  • The Marching Band

    The Marching Band
    The Marching Band debuts at Rhodes Field
  • President

    William Magee becomes president
  • President

    Edmond Horne becomes president
  • Fathers Club

    Fathers Club
    The fathers Club is founded.
  • The "Lighties"

    The "lighties" are created, they were teams and leagues that let kids that were too small to play Vasity or JV sports play the sports that they love.
  • President

    William Hagerty becomes president
  • end of baeball

    baseball is eliminated due to"wartime priorities".
  • president

    Gerakd Garvey becomes president
  • World War II

    The first mid-year graduation is held to accommodate student for the draft.
  • St. Marys becomes loyola hall

    St. Marys becomes loyola hall
    St. Marys becomes part of ignatius and is re-named "loyola Hall"
  • President

    Daniel Cronin becomes president
  • Tennis Team

    The tennis team is added to the athletic program
  • Golf team

    The golf team is added to the athletic program.
  • President

    John O'brian becomes president
  • John Wirtz

    John Wirtz
    John Wirtz is named varsity football and basketball coach.
  • The Holy War

    The Holy War
    The first football game vs St. Eds happens.
  • President

    Ara Walker becomes president
  • dress code and scholarship drive

    dress code and scholarship drive
    The dress code becomes a collarded shirt and tie. Also the scholarship drive is created, and whoever won got a house.
  • New gym

    New gym
    Sullivan Gym is built
  • Athletle of the Year

    Athletle of the Year
    Garry Roggenburk is awarded the first John J. Wirtz athlete of the Year Award
  • President

    Nicholas Green becomes president
  • President

    James Kirby becomes president
  • Student center

    Student center
    The Student Center is build.
  • A Visit from Fr. Arrupe

    A Visit from Fr. Arrupe
    Fr. Pedro Arrupe,S.J. visits St.ignatius.
  • New homework rules

    homework has to be done in pen, and no pens are allowed on campus.
  • Kirby Building

    The Kirby Science building is built.
  • Wrestling

    wrestling is added to the athletic program with Mike Setta Sr. as the head coach.
  • Sophomore Service

    The Sophomore Service program is created.
  • President

    John Midlay becomes president
  • New Staircase and the board

    The grand old staircase is replaced. Also the board of Regents is created.

    The infamous food fight goes on.
  • President

    James O'Reily becomes president
  • Historic Place

    The main building is named a Historical place.
  • Loyola Society

    The Loyola Society is founded by Rev. Robert Welsh, S.J.
  • Sophomore stogie night

    Sophomore stogie night is created
  • President

    Robert Welsh becomes president
  • Wasmer and the Mall

    Wasmer and the Mall
    Wasmer field is created and west 30th becomes the Mall.
  • New hemlet

    New hemlet
    The "paw print" started to appear on the football hemlets.
  • New Coach

    New Coach
    Chuck Kyle becomes the new football coach
  • Blue Ribbon

    St.Ignatius is recognized as a Blue Ribbon School.
  • New class

    A computer class become a curriculam requirement.
  • Jesuit Residence

    The Jesuit Residence house is bought.
  • New Library

    New Library
    The Library and math wing is built.
  • Arrupe

    The Arrupe Neighborhood partnership program is estabished
  • Football Champs

    The football team wins there first state championship.
  • Sullivan Gym

    Sullivan gym renovation goes on.
  • New Gym

    New Gym
    Murphy Gym is built.
  • Chariot races

    Chariot races
    The first chariot races are held.
  • RIni Concouse

    Rini concouse is built.
  • Kyle Field

    Kyle Field
    Kyle Field is created.
  • The website

    The ignatius website is created.
  • St.Mary's chapel and Science

    St.Mary's chapel and Science
    St.Mary's chapel is built and the science building is renovatied and expanded.
  • President

    Tim Kesicki becomes president
  • The atruim

    The Sullivan atruim is built.
  • New Ministry

    New Ministry
    The Labre ministry and the pallbearer ministey is created.
  • Rade Dining Hall

    Rade Dining Hall is built.
  • President

    William Murphy beocmes the 25th president at St.Ignatius High School.
  • Blue RIbbon

    St.Ignatius is named a blue ribbon school, again.
  • Breen Center

    Breen Center
    The Breen Center is built.
  • New Mall

    The mall is renovated.