Safety in F1

  • Sir Jackie Stewart crashes at Spa.

  • Jim Clark dies at Hockenheim.

    Jim Clark, considered one of the best of the time dies.
  • Drivers boycott the Spa GP

  • Drivers boycott the Nurburgring GP

    The drivers demanded a series of changes be made but the organisers said they couldn't do it in time and so the race was held at Hockenheim instead. At this point the Ring was known as the Green Hell, a name it now holds with affection.
  • Jochen Rindt dies at Monza.

    That same year Jochen went on to win the drivers world championship and became the first to win the title posthumously.
  • Francois Cevert dies at Watkins Glen

    Sir Jackie Stewart was mortally hurt by Ceverts death after taking him under his wing and mentoring the young Frenchman.
  • Gilles Villeneuve

    It is popular belief that when Villeneuve died the sport was robbed of a future multiple world champion.
  • Roland Ratzenberger dies at Imola

    The cursed weekend had already seen Rubens Barrichello crash off and when Ratzenberger died it was merely a sign of things to come.
  • Ayrton Senna dies at Imola.

    The driver many consider to be the best driver ever becomes the last driver to die in F1.
  • FIA Institute for Motor Sport Safety Formed

    The institute was formed in July but inaugurated in October.