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Rudolf Steiner

  • Birth

    Rudolf Steiner was born in modern day Croatia in the town of Donji Kraljevec. In his youth he moved frequently due to his father's job.
  • College

    Steiner obtained his doctorate in Philosophy from the University of Rostock in Germany. His dissertation discussed Fichte's concept of ego.
  • Spiritual Encounter

    Spiritual Encounter
    In 1899, Steiner experienced a life transforming inner encounter with the being of Christ. He began speaking about his encounter to The Theosophical Society. He married Anna Eunicke, whom he divorced a few years later.
  • Laying the Stones

    Laying the Stones
    The foundation stone is placed for the first Goetheanum in Dornach Switzerland. Steiner would live here the remained of his life. This learning center was a place for The Anthroposophical Society and contained performance halls, lecture halls, a library, a bookstore, and a dedicated space for the administration of the society. It would inspire works such as biodynamic farming and Waldorf Education.
  • First School

    First School
    In present day Stuttgart Germany, Steiner is approached by Emil Molt, the owner of a cigarette factory. Molt was interested in Steiner's approach to holistic education and created a school to address the educational needs of his factory workers and their children. In Steiner's approach he focused on the multiple aspects of human experience. Following WW1, Waldorf schools became the largest independent school movement in the world.
  • Attack

    In 1921, Dietrich Eckart attacked Steiner and labeled him a Jew. This was in response to the influence he had in Germany and Europe at the time. Hitler claimed he was a "tool for the Jews", and many nationalists called for a war on Steiner. After being attacked at rallies with stink bombs and people rushing on stage, his future speaking events were cancelled. Steiner gave up his residence in Berlin and warned Europe about the National Socialist Party.
  • Tradgedy

    On New Years Eve, The original Goetheanum burned to the ground. Arson was expected.
  • Death

    Rudolf Steiner died of stomach cancer in Dornach Germany.
  • The Second Goetheanum

    The Second Goetheanum
    The second Goetheanum was finished in 1928 and deemed a Swiss national Monument.
  • Current

    The Steiner and Waldorf schools are still in existence today with 3,166 schools in 71 countries around the world.