Rude Tales of Magic: A Timeline

Timeline created by Her0icCacoph0ny
In History
  • -499 BCE

    Bunny is Born

    Holy SHIT she is old!
  • -50 BCE

    Butter St. Beef is Born on a Chessboard

    Approximate, since he has no age listed, but has been working as a defense attorney for quite some time at the beginning of CatK. I don't even think he was born on a chessboard. Don't care.
  • -38 BCE

    Grimothee Steel is purchased to become Freddery's Companion

    Goldenberry Pancakes are YUM YUM
  • -29 BCE

    Grimothee "Walks into the Ocean"

    Sorry, Freddery, puberty's rough. *Grimothee gets turned off and locked in the basement until the events of CatK*
  • -15 BCE

    Torrin is Born

    And promptly abandoned to the slums!
  • -3 BCE

    The Events of Come at the King

  • -3 BCE

    Jean-Luc Robespierre is Wrongfully Imprisoned/Executed/Who Knows by the New Emperor

    We all know this was a bad move. But do not weep for him. Or do. I kind of don't know which one he would have wanted.
  • AD 1

    The Affair

    The Affair
  • 297

    Sloane Langley Thatcher is Born

    Hey, when I get an age, I put it in the timeline
  • 351

    Count Ivan Gretsky is Born

    Bannerman to the De Bonesby family, doesn't matter once he becomes a vampire at an undisclosed time. At some point he catches a terminal disease and goes vampire to avoid it.
  • 397

    Christianity Becomes a Thing

  • 405

    Frederick De Bonesby is Born

    Frederick De Bonesby is Born
    With all of his skin and his flesh and his fats!
  • 412

    Frederick is Forced to Murder his Favorite Griffin

  • 441

    Frederick falls in love for the first time

    Oh Station, it would have never worked out.
  • 462

    Cordelia Sasquatch is Born

    Cordelia Sasquatch is Born
    All alone in the forest.
  • 476

    Cordelia is Found

    She is then named Cordelia by some hella patriotic people
  • 477

    Bellothion is Born

    Bellothion is Born
    He had at least two abs I hope.
  • 478

    Albeara "Albee" Dawn is Born

    Albeara "Albee" Dawn is Born
    First born of her litter!
  • 494

    Bellow Starts at Polaris University

    It's time for a Bad Boy to Start Doing BAD
  • 495

    Frederick De Bonesby Fucks Up

    Messed up with that blood, huh!? Frederick loses his skin and his flesh and his fats as his attempt at becoming a lich goes wrong. He loses his vast powers and his estate. Proceeds to attend Polaris University with his personal chef, Stirfry, to regain his power.
  • 495

    Stirfry meets Frederick De Bonesby

    Stirfry meets Frederick De Bonesby
    *Sound of Knife being Sharpened* attempts to rob Frederick de Bonesby at the height of his power. This impresses Frederick, who either allows him to stick around right then and there, or goes around the Bloody Bloody Gentleman later looking for him, willing to take pretty much any Kenku (if one is to believe Stripe). *Sound of Knife Being Sharpened* is granted the power of speech, becomes Stirfry and leaves his friends and family for a new life as a personal chef.
  • 495

    Egg is Laid

    DISCLAIMER: The Kenku Stuff is going to be a complete guess and is by no means official. I am operating on Kenku biology that I have researched (I KNOW) by this which states that the Kenku reproductive cycle is a clutch of eggs that gestate for 60 days. It's kind of sad that Egg was the only one that made it.
  • 495

    Albee Dawn Starts at Polaris University

    Has she met Kreedis!? NOT YET.
  • 497

    The Events of Rude Tales of Magic (Main)