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Rosa Parks and her adventures

  • Plessy vs. Ferguson

    This was a Supreme Court case that was due to the Jim Crow Laws or other wise known as "seperate but equal"
  • Rosa Parks Background

    Rosa Parks Background
    Rosa Louise McCauley Parks (1913- 2005)
  • Rosa Parks Arrested

    Rosa Parks Arrested
    In Montgomery, Alabama Rosa refused to give up her seat; to a white man on the bus. She was soon arrested for not following the Jim Crow Laws that were set in place in almost all the South.
  • Martin Luther King Jr.

    On this day Rosa was imprisoned, King bailed her out of jail and started to coordinate with her in order to start bus boycotts which will eventually lead to proper treatment of black people in America.
  • The Plotting

    The Plotting
    This is the day Rosa Parks is arrested. Ciil rights leaders in Montgomery start to plan the Bus Boycott
  • Negotations

    The Civil Rights leaders meet with city officals to try and get seating rights on buses improved but they refuse
  • Carpool

    After negotations fail with city leaders this is the day the boycott offically starts. People begin to carpool with Blacks the have cars, or share cabs
  • No More

    No More
    The mayor the city has had enough with the protesting and negotations that are going nowhere. So he bans all futher negotations
  • Arrested

    Martin Luther King Jr. is charged with speeding and jailed by Montgomery police
  • Judges

    A Montgomery judge orders a grand jury investigation to see if the bus boycott violates a state boycott conspiracy law.
  • Unconstitutional

    Federal judges rule the city and state bus segregation laws are unconstitutional.
  • ENDS!!!!

    The supreme court orders come into effect and blacks in montgomery go back to using the buses in full force