Elf ranger

Ront Fairweather

  • AD 1

    Mother: Britora Fairweather

    The head of the family, She worked her entire life in supporting roles in the industrial branch of governance, eventually rising to its head. She was well respected, until a mistake on her watch leading to the death of 50, the worst accident in years. Following this she was found guilty of negligence and therefore treason, she was summarily ejected through the airlock into the depths. Ront remembers little of her, having lost her when he was 42.
  • AD 1

    Father: Daxis Fairweather

    Daxis worked in a more supporting role in the house as Ront grew up. He was still required to work, but as his wife was a minister the family was treated more fair than others. Ront was closer to as his father, as his father taught him lessons in the bow and general studies. Soon after his wifes execution he gave in to drink and whatever else he could find to numb himself. He died within a year of starting this downward spiral. Ront hated his father for his weakness for most of his early life,
  • Period: AD 1 to 187

    Ront Fairweather

    Ront is a middle aged Eladrin elf at 187, roughly 39 in human years. A bit short for elves at 5'11", with trimmed and well kept short black hair, think military cut, and muted green eyes that nonetheless pop against his pale skin. He comes from a line of nobles but that was before the mage wars, and he knows little of his family's history. He's a person who has started to doubt the system of governance and rule in Xeldoterra, and the introduction of outsiders will only embolden this doubt.
  • 42

    The execution of Britora

    It was found that in order to boost the preformance of her sector, Britora had been abusing workers shift schedules. Causing many workers to come in ill-prepared for the dangers of underwater construction. Her guilt was made known to the city, and the anger of the city was focused on the family.
  • Period: 42 to 80


    Ront was taken in by the security minister. His skill with the bow was further honed, especially with the ancestral bow his father had left him. His hatred for his parents for their respective weakness and treason was stoked on and used to make him blindly obedient to the state.
    Anything for stability and survival of Xeldotera
  • Period: 80 to 125

    Insert name of some kind of NSA, DHS org here

    During this time Ront worked for ______. He ruthlessly shut down everything from black market rings, violent crime, to even some rebel groups towards the end. Though being a rebel only meant being an active threat to society, not necessarily a violent threat.
  • Period: 116 to 124

    The blight

    A blight hit the main food source ( DM choice) leading to a period of 8 years of strict rationing, relaxing of labor laws and increased unrest. Birth of many democratic workers movement arguing for greater citizen say in day to day affairs.
  • 125

    The death of the security minister

    He passes, the new minister, probably current, is less heavy handed in his approach, not to mention the terror struck in the prior response and the cessation of the blight have removed the needs for such tactic. While Ront is not considered having done anything wrong, being seen as the pupil in some ways of the previous minister he is pushed out of his current National Security type role
  • Period: 125 to 143

    "Beat Cop"

    After the events following the death of the previous head of security, Ront went to work in the stand security, chosing to join in as a standard low level beat cop.
    These were good time for Ront, as he started to have friends and grown beyond being merely a tool for somebody else.
  • Period: 143 to 187


    Ront eventually left the standard police and became an investigator. Over the years he has become trusted to handle more discreet matters.
    While no longer being asked to silence those like he used to, still seeing the amount of secrecy and information hidden away from the public for "their own good".
    Not to mention seeing the everyday horrors of the crimes the normal populace commit.
    (DM Discretion) Maybe something about a serial killer?
  • 187

    Ront Joins In

    Ront joins the party