Ronald reagan

Ronald Reagan

  • Birth

    He was born in Tampico Ilinoies. He was not born in a hospital he was born in his familys apartment.
  • Gets his first job

    Ronald gets his firt job as a lifegaurd at Sports Park pool 2 years befor he graduates high school
  • Graduates from Dixon High School

    Dixon High Schol is in Illinois
  • Enrolled Eureka College

    Enrolled Eureka College
    He enrolled at a small college not far from his hometown. He was origanly going for mediocre but Eureka exposed him to acting and public speaking.
  • Signes a contract with Warner Bros motion pictures

    Signes a contract with Warner Bros motion pictures
    He signed a 1 million dollar, 7 year contract with Warner Bros
  • Marries Jane Wyman

    Marries Jane Wyman
  • Brother Rat is relesed

    Brother Rat is relesed
    This is where Ronald me Jane Wyman
  • Goes to work with the Air Forse

    Goes to work with the Air Forse
  • Adopts son Michael

    Ronald adopts Michael a few days after he was born on March 18
  • Returnes from Air Forse

    After returning from the air force Reagan make 53 more motion Pictures
  • Devorces Jane Wyman

    They devorsed because Ronald wanted to get into polotics and did not want to be an actor anymore. Jane did not like that so they devorsed.
  • Marries Nancy Davis

    Marries Nancy Davis
  • Dauter Patii is born

    Nancy and Ronald have their firt child
  • signs contract with General Electric

    signs contract with General Electric
    signs a contract to intrduce a telivision show
  • Son Ron is born

    Ronald Reagans son Ron is born
  • Becomes Califonia Governer

    Becomes Califonia Governer
    Becomes the governer of California
  • Re-elected as California Govoner

    Re-elected as California Govoner
  • Ran for President

    Ran for President
    At 69 years of age ha ran for Amricas highest office.
  • Started his first term in office

    Started his first term in office
    He began his first 4 years of presidency
  • Attempted Assasination

    John Hinckley tried to kill Ronald. He fired 6 shots and one of the 2nd shot ricocheted off of a car into Ronalds chest. The body Guard threw himself over Ronald as soon as that happend and after the shots were no longer being fired they said he needed to get to a hospital. Ronald asked why and they said that he was shot in the chest about a inch away from his heart. Ronald looked down to see his blood stained shirt. He walked to the hospital and walked through the doors like he had the flu.
  • 2nd term in office

    2nd term in office
    He defeated Walter Mondale