• Rockefeller's birth

    John Rockefeller was born July 8, 1839 is New York into a poor family
  • Period: to

    Rockefeller's first job

    His first job was when he was 17 was as a clerk in a library in Cleveland, Ohio
  • The Oil Business

    In 1863, he first started his oil ventures. He purchased a small oil refinery in Cleveland, Ohio.
  • Rockefeller annexes competitors

    Rockefeller purchases most refineries in Cleveland, making his company the biggest in Cleveland
  • First trust in America

    Standard Oil creates a trust of rich, elite, business men at the top with Rockefeller as the main shareholder.
  • Sherman Antitrust Act

    U.S. Congress passes the Sherman Antitrust Act, in attempt to stop Standard Oil and other monopolies.
  • Dissolving

    Standard Oil is found guilty of being a monopoly, and is forced to dissolved to over 30 different companies.
  • Rockefeller's death

    Rockefeller dies at age 97 in Ormand Beach, Florida