Robinson Crusoe Chapter 3

  • Arrival on the island

  • Period: to

    Salvaging as much as possible from the ship

  • Period: to

    Making tools

    Crusoe makes a home pickaxe, wheelbarrow and basket
  • Period: to

    The cave

    Robinson creates his cave and catches a goat
  • Period: to

    Making the wall

    Crusoe builds a wall around his cave
  • Earthquake

    There's an earthquake that destroys the wall and scares Crusoe very much.
    The earthquake is followed by a huge hurricane
  • Recoveries

    Robinson finds a little barrel full of wet gunpowder
  • Period: to

    The Wreck

    During the month of May Crusoe takes as much as he can from the wreck, thinking that everything may be useful
  • Turtles

    Crusoe finds a turtle on the shore and cooks it the next day, finding inside sixty eggs
  • Period: to


    Crusoe falls ill due to turtle meat, then he gets better but suddenly has a violent attack.
    The day after he feels better and manage killling a goat, but then has another attack.
  • Be prepared

    Crusoe, while feeling good, prepares everything he may need in case he has another attack
  • Recovery

    He finally gets better and in a few weeks time he fully recovers