Robert Oppenheimer

  • Julius Robert Oppenheimer Was Born :)

    Robert Was Born In New York City :)
  • College Years:)

    Robert Studied From 1926 until 1928 Between Harvard and Caltech.
  • Work Life :)

    Before The Manhatten Project Oppenheimer Worked as a Professor at UC Berkeley. He he taught Nuclear Physics,Astrophysics, Qauntum field therory and a few other topics.
  • Where Was The Manhatten Project Located?

    The Choice Of Location Was Of Many, The Project(For Safety Of Civilians )Had To Be A Far Distance from Any City In Fear It Would Go Off. So The Leaders In Charge Decided It Would Be Placed In Los Almos.
  • Married :) WITH Babies :):):)

    In November 1940, Oppenheimer married Katherine Peuning Harrison, a radical Berkeley student, and by May 1941 they had their first child, Peter.
  • The Manhatten Project :)

    The War Needed To Come To An End, So Oppenheimer and Other Important Men Of Our Nation Agreed On Creating The Nuclear Bomb. With The Approval Of Teddy Roosevelt The Project Was To Begin!!!
  • Debate!

    The Leaders Debated Over The Fact If They Should Use The Bomb Or Not. They Soon Decided They Would, As A Way To End The War!
  • Trinity Test!

    The Scientists Wanted To First See The Effect And Explosion Of The Nuclear Bomb Before Actually Dropping it On A City!
  • Little Boy's Drop!

    On August 6th 1945 The Americans Dropped Little Boy In Japan, The City Of Hiroshima! Tens Of Thousands Of People Died. From The Explosion Itself And The Radiation Afterwards.
  • Fat Man's Fall!

    Only 3 Days After The Devastating Drop On The City Of Hiroshima The Americans Dropped The Second Bomb. The Target Was The Japanese City Nagasaki, The Japanese Finnaly Surrendered On September 1st.
  • Hydrogen Bomb! Fight!

    Oppenheimer fthought that the purpose of hydrogen bombs were only to be used against civilian targets. He Thought He Should Stop The Increasing Makes Of Hydrogen Bombs.
  • Atomic! Energy! Commisson! :)

    The AEC Was Created To Control The Development Of Atomic Science And Technology. Oppenheimer Was Chosen To Be In Control Of The AEC
  • Communist, The Left Wing, And Oppenheimer!

    Oppenheimer Was Questioned Many Times Because He Had Worked With Known Leftwings And His Students WereCommunist. Because Oppenheimer Had Such A High Rank It Was Feared That He Was Secretly Helping Russia Behind The Americans Back.
  • Un-American!!! Activities Commitee....BORING!

    People Who Had Once Worked With Julius :) Testified Against Him Attacking His Temper and They Also Said He Made Bad decisions! Many People Stood By Hi, Thinking He Was A Good Man, He Was Still Stripped Of His Security Clearance! :(
  • Un-American!

    People Who Oppenheimer Had Once Worked With Testified Against Him Saying That He Had A Bad Temper An Poor Decision Choices! Many People Imn The Science Community Still Stood By Him, Saying The Oppisite. He Was Still Stripped Of His Security Clearance.
  • Awards!!!!!!

    J.Robert Oppenheimer Was Was Awarded The Enrico Fermi Award By President Kennedy In An Way To Restart With A Clean Slate!
  • He Died :(

    Julius Robert Oppenheimer Died On Feb. 6th 1967 He Died Of Throat Cancer!:(:(:(
  • After The War!

    Oppenheimer Was Made Chairmen Of the General Advisory Committee