Robert Downey Jr.

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    Life Span

  • Pound

    This is Roberts first apperance in acting. He is five years old and is playing a dog in a movie written and directed by his father Robert Downey sr.
  • Tuff Turf

    Tuff Turf
    A group of kids that start a gang. They do not really fit in with the world.
  • Weird Science

    Weird Science
    The two main characters are nerds that have bullies. Robert plays one of the bullies in this movie.
  • Chaplin

    This film is a biographic film about the old time film star Charlie Chaplin.
  • Wonder Boys

    Wonder Boys
    This was one of Robert's biggest flops for movies. It did so terribly they tried to do a re-release and that also did horrible.
  • Iron Man

    Iron Man
    This film was the 13th largest box office open day in the US. It grossed $98,618,668 and on opening day it made $35.2 which made it the 3 highest grossing paid movie of the year.
  • Sherlock Holmes

    Sherlock Holmes
    Robert plays the main character of Sherlock Holmes and he is and investigator that solves the crime of the mysterious Lord Blackwood.
  • Iron Man 2

    Iron Man 2
    The film grossed $128,122,480 opening weekend in the US. This was the fifth highest opening weekend ever at the time.
  • Iron Man 3

    The third Iron Man film that Robert had stared in. These films have brought him a new fan base and earned him millions of dollars for his hard work.