Road to Revloution

  • Two Treaties on Government- John Locke

    Two Treaties on Government- John Locke
    John Locke wrote about Nautral Rights of a man in his book called "Two Treaties on Government".
  • Period: to

    British settlers start moving into the Ohio River valley

    The British Start moving into the Ohio River valley.
  • Spirit of the Laws- Montesquieu

    Spirit of the Laws- Montesquieu
    Montesquieu wrote the importance of limited govenment.
  • Albany Plan of Union

    Albany Plan of Union
    Ben Franklins, plan to bring colonists together for protection.
  • General Braddock's defeat

    General Braddock's defeat
    He was defeated by fighting the English way of lines on the battel field.
  • Period: to

    French and Indian war

    A war over the land of the Ohio River valley area.
  • Attack on Quebec

    Attack on Quebec
    The British capture Quebec.
  • Proclamation of 1763

    Proclamation of 1763
    Boundries are set to to prevent fighting and war with natives on the frontier.
  • Sugar Act

    Sugar Act
    Important tax is put on molassas and other goods.
  • The Intolerable Acts

    The Intolerable Acts
    4 harsh laws.
  • Stamp Act

    Stamp Act
    Required purchase of specal tax on stamps on documents.
  • Townshend Act

    Townshend Act
    5 different taxes that lead to the Boston Massacre.
  • Boston Massacre

    Boston Massacre
    5 people died and 6 wonded when the colonist fought against the British.
  • Potiac's War

    Potiac's War
    British attacked natives after being angry.
  • Tea Act

    Tea Act
    It gives The British Company control of all tea sales in the colonies.
  • Boston Tea Party

    Boston Tea Party
    Men threw 342 cases of tea into water.
  • Battle at Lexington

    Battle at Lexington
    Minutemen fought against the British (first shots of revolution).
  • Battle of Bunker Hill

    Battle of Bunker Hill
    Battle between the British soldiers and American farmers.
  • Olive Branch Petition

    Olive Branch Petition
    1st of 2 resolutions passed to show the king that they were loyal, and to ask the king to stop fighting and to settle problems peacefully.
  • Second Continental Congress

    Second Continental Congress
    A group of delegates formed together to make decisions about the war.
  • Declaration of Independence

    Declaration of Independence
    Declaring our freedom form England.