Richard Nixon

By Zina
  • Born

    Yorba Linda, California on his family's lemon ranch
  • Moved to Whittier, California

    Whole family worked at a gas station and store there
  • Learned piano and violin

  • Brother Arthur died

    His death caused turmoil in the family
  • Enrolled in Whittier College

    Involved in student government, drama, and football
  • Brother Harold died

    Harold's death affected the family deeply.
  • Got scholarship to go to Duke University

  • Graduated from Duke University

  • Met Thelma Ryan

    at a rehersal for a community play
  • Married Thelma

    in California
  • Joined the Navy

  • Became a Congressman

  • Investigated charges against Alger Hiss of spying for the Soviet Union before and during World War II

    Made him a national political figure
  • Became a Senator

  • Bacame VP to Eisenhower

  • Became President

    by beating Hubert Humphrey
  • Asked the "silent majority" to back him up in negotiating peace in Vietnam

  • Abolishes the draft

  • Talks with old rival, China to restore a good relationship

  • Orders a cover up for the Watergate Scandal

  • Reelected as President

    by beating George McGovern
  • Got all troops out of Vietnam

  • Officially pardoned as President

    for ties to the Watergate Scandal
  • Moves back to California

  • Period: to

    Travels the world

    with Ford and Jimmy Carter to officially represent the U.S. in talks
  • Period: to

    Gives speeches and writes

  • Wife dies

    of lung cancer
  • Death

    New York CIty