Avedon (1)

Richard Avedon

  • Avedon Was Born

    Avedon Was Born
    More info here.On May 15, 1923 Richard Avedon was born. This was a significant event because this is how he was brought into the world.
  • Avedon Enlists

    Avedon Enlists
    more information here.In 1942* Avedon enlists in the Merchant Marine's photographic section (He would participate as a photographer - recording the war). This will later contribute to his love, passion, and career.
    *Specific Date Unknown.
  • Opening a Studio

    Opening a Studio
    more info here.In 1946*, Avedon founded his own studio. He began to set up sessions and would later submit work to large Media This was an important part in setting up his photography to become famous.
    *actual date unknown.