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  • Einstein is born.

    Einstein is born.
    Einstein was born in Ulm, Germany and grew up in Munich.
  • Period: to

    Albert Einstein

  • Annalen der Physik

    Annalen der Physik
    Einstein sent a paper to the Annalen der Physik , the leading German physics journal, that discussed a new understanding of the structure of light.
  • Gravity sketch

    Gravity sketch
    Einstein wrote a letter to an astronomer that included a sketch that showed how gravity should deflect light near the sun, making stars seem as if they had shifted in their positions.
  • worldwide prominence

    worldwide prominence
    Einstein gained world prominence in 1919 when astronomers verified predictions of Einsteins theory of relativity through measurements taken during a solar eclipse
  • Nobel Prize

    Nobel Prize
    In 1921 Einstein recieved the Nobel Prize for physics
  • Advanced study

    Advanced study
    In 1933 Einstein joined the staff of a newly created institute for Advanced study in Princeton.
  • Einstein leaves Germany

    Einstein leaves Germany
    When world war II broke out in 1939 Einstein decided to leave Germany and live in the United States when he discovered that German scientists were constructing a bomb that could kill thousands of people. He then wrote a letter to the American President suggesting that America should also build one. Because of this and the fact that Einstein dissaproved of the Nazi's idea of controlling the world and killing all jews, the Nazis hated him and his theories and destroyed most of his books.
  • E=mc^2

    Einstein is responsible for creating one of the most famous equations in history. E=mc^2 energy is mass x the squared speed of light. it shoes that mass can be turned into energy. This eventually led to the birth of the atomic bomb. The meaning of this equation is that one bottle of water could power an entire city like London for an entire week.
  • Manhattan project

    Manhattan project
    In 1941 the American government started the Manhattan project in which the atomic bomb was created. Two of the bombs were used to end the war with Japan and were dropped over Hiroshima and Nagasaki. Horrified when informed, Einstein only wanted atomic energy to be used for peaceful and positive purposes.
  • Einstein dies

    Einstein dies
    Albert Einstein died in Princeton.