revolutionary war timeline

  • Period: to

    revolutionary war

  • proclamation of 1763

    king george 3rd followed great britans aquition of french teritory in north amerinca.
  • Stamp Act

    A direct tax by the british parlament.
  • Quartering act

    each of the quarter acts were amendments to the munity act.
  • Townshend act

    the townshend acts were a series of acts passed begining in 1767 by the british parlament.
  • sam adams

    one of the founding fathers
  • boston massacre

    british army killed 5 savilions and injured 6 others.
  • sons of liberty

    a organisation of the american patriots
  • boston tea party

    non violent political protest by the sons of liberty in boston.
  • intolerable acts

    a name of series of punitive laws passed by the british.
  • 1st continental congrss

    a convention of delegates from 12 colonies
  • abigail adams

    wife of john adams
  • Paul Revere

    He was a patriot in the american revolution.
  • lexsington and concord

    the first milatary engagments of the american revalutionary war.
  • george washington

    first president of the united states of america
  • benedict arnold

    general during the american revolution
  • decloration of indapendence

    the decloration of indapendence is a statement adopted by the continental congress on july 4 1776
  • john adams

    second president of the united states of amerca
  • thomas jefferson

    americas founding father
  • hessians

    18th centery german auxiliaries
  • thomas paine

    author of 2 pamflets in american revolution
  • battle of saratoga

    decided the fate of general john burgoyne's army.
  • martha custis washington

    the wife of george washington
  • loyalists

    american colonist who stayed loyal to the british colony
  • patriots

    people of the thirteen olonies that violently rebbeled
  • lord cornwallis

    a british army officer and colonial adminastrator
  • battle of york town

    a decicive vitory by a combined force of american continental army troops.
  • Treaty of paris

    ended the revolutionary war.