Recostruction of georgia timeline

  • Freedmans Bureau

    Freedmans Bureau
    It was to help feed free black men and poor whites.It also establised schools for these people.

    When the civil war ended the south faced many diffrent chalanges .There were many diffrent houses distroyed.Many buisnesses had to shut down
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
    Lincoln was assinated by john whilts booth.Lincoln was shot at Fords theater.Booth was calt and killed.Lincoln died the next day.
  • 13th ammendment Ratified

    13th ammendment Ratified
    The 13th amendment was to end slavery.But it did not stop descrimination.When it was passed states returned to representives.
  • 14th amendment ratified

    14th amendment ratified
    Gives citizenship to all people born in the us exsept native americans.The southern states had to radify the 14th amendment.
  • Henry Mcneal Turner elected to senate

    He was elected from bib county.He was also a preachor at a African American church.He also served in the union army.
  • 15th amendment ratified

    The 15th amendment gives african americans the right to vote.The supreme courts didnt take this amendment serious until 1960.This was passed becausesouthern states blocked the rights to vote from freed black people.
  • Election of ruthrford B.Hayes

    He was elected a democratic canidate.There were 29 blacks elected to house.Georgia ratified the 14th amendment on July 21.