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Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    The Freedmen's Bureau Bill created The Freedmen's Bureau on March 3,1865.It was iniated by Abraham Lincoln. It aided distressed former slaves.
  • End of the Civil War (Appomattox)

    End of the Civil War (Appomattox)
    South lost Civil War. It ended the slavery in the south. General Lee surrendered to General Grant at Appomattox Courthouse.
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    Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

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  • Abraham Limcoln Assassinated

    Abraham Limcoln Assassinated
    Lincoln and his wife was going to watch the production of "Our American Cousin." Booth snuck up behind him and shot him in the head during the production. Lincoln died a week later.
  • 13th Admendment Ratified

    13th Admendment Ratified
    Ratifacation took place 8 years after the Civil War. Peolpe were worried it would cause rebellion. No rebellions were too bad.
  • 14th Admendment Ratified

    14th Admendment Ratified
    All slaves became citzens thanks to 14th Admendment. It was also called the "Reconstruction Admendment." It also ended congressintial segregration.
  • Henry McNeal Turner Elected to Senate

    Henry McNeal Turner Elected to Senate
    He was a minister in 1858. He was the black chaplian in the United States Colored Troops.He planted many AME churches in Georgia.
  • 15th Admendment Ratified

    15th Admendment Ratified
    It allowed blacks to vote legally.South disfranchised African Americans.Majority of blacks started to vote soon after.
  • Georgia Readmitted to the Union

    Georgia Readmitted to the Union
    Georgia was suffering after the war without slaves. North redistributed abandoned plantations and gave it back evenly to free slaves. War took a bad toll on ag in South.
  • Election of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Election of Rutherford B. Hayes
    He was the 19th president of the United States. He was general in the war. He kept his promise and did not re-run.