Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • 13th amend

    13th amend
  • Freedman's Bureau

    Freedman's Bureau
    The Untited States Government eastablished the Bureau of Refuges, in response of struggle of white and blacks. The original agency was later known as Freedman's Bureau. Freedman allowed education as the primary needs to independance.
  • End of the Civil War (Appomattox

    End of the Civil War  (Appomattox
    The Civil War lasted from 1861~1865. It resulted from long standing sectional differences and questions not full resolved when United States when Ratified in 1789.It was a war that saw many "First."
  • Period: to

    Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

    The act of building something again. A time period after the Civil War in which the South rejoined the union and rebuilt its society.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assasinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assasinated
    Abraham Lincoln was the first American president to be assasinated. His killer was John Wilkes Booth. He was a Maryland Native born in 1830 who remained in the north during theCivil War despite his confederate sympathies.