reconstruction of georgia timeline

  • freedmen's bureau

    It was created by congress to help freedmen and clothing. Freedmen's bureau also created school for former slaves.
  • end of the civil war appomattox

    Southern states surrendered at appomattox coarthouse. Robert E. Lee signed the surrender. This end the civil war
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    At Ford Theatre, John Wilkes booth shot Abraham lincoln white he attended a play. Booth fied and was later caught and killed. Lincoln was the first us president to be assassinated.
  • 13th amendment ratified

    The amendment outlawed slavery and had to be met by southern states to rejoin. States had to write a new constitation that outlawed slavery. Canceled war debt and secession.
  • 14th amendment

    The fourteenth amendment made all people born in the U.S., Citizens. southern stateshad to pass this amendment to rejoin th union.