Reconstruction Of Georgia Timeline

  • Freedmen's Bureau

    Freedmen's Bureau
    -Helped The Freedmen And Poor White Obtains Food,Shelter,And Clothing.
    -It Was Created Near The End Of The Civil War To Deal With A Huge Problem.
    -The Slaves That Was Freed Was Uneducated And The Main Thing They Wanted To Do Were Created Schools For The Blacks Since They Were In Slavery.
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    ReconStruction Of Georgia Timeline

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  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    Abraham Lincoln Assassinated
    -April 14,1865 After Lee's Surrender Lincoln He Had Never Felt So Happy.
    -That Same Day Lincoln Was Killed At 10:15 At The Box Theater Or Should I Say Shot And The Person That Shot Him Was Named John Wilker.
  • 13Th Admendment

    13Th Admendment
    -OutLawed Slavery But The Radical Republic Were Not Happy.
    -It Was Based On Licoln's Decsion.
    -After The Admendement Was Approvecd There Was No New dmendent 60 Years From Then
  • 14th Admendment Ratified

    14th Admendment Ratified
    -Amendment Extends Full Citixenships To Black
    -Dred Scott V.s Stanford.(1857)
    -It Played A Huge Role In The United States Outlawed By Thoughts It Gave Citizenship.
  • 15Th Amendment

    15Th Amendment
    -Guarantees Votes Rights To Black
    -It Was Illegal To Deny Another Person To The Right To Vote Cant Be Judge On The Race,Color,Or Being A Former Slave.
    -Before The Amendment The African Americans Couldn't Vote Due To The Color Of Skin
  • Georgia Readmitted To The Union

    Georgia Readmitted To The Union
    -The States Redmends Federal Supervised Reconstruction In Georgia.
    -Georiga Was Threw After World War 1 Because It Was Dramatic.
    -Property Was Destoryed So They Joined BACK.
  • Election Of Rutherford B. Hayes

    Election Of Rutherford B. Hayes
    Henery Had The Same Amount Of Votes That Rutherford B. Hayes Had.
    -He Was President For One Term He Was President The 19th One,
    -He Was The One Who Oversaw The Reconstruction Of Georiga