Reconstruction of Georgia Timeline

  • freedmen' bureau

    it was created by congress to help freedmen and poor whites get food, shelter, and clothing. freedmen's bureau also created schools for farmer slaves.
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    Reconstuction ofGeorgia Timeline

  • election of rutherford b. hayes

    the election of ruthfordb.hayes was the official end of reconstruction
  • end of the civil war

    southern states surrendered at appomattox courthouse.robert e. lee signed the surrender. this ended the civil war.
  • henry mcneal

    henry mcneal.t was one of the first african-americans to serve in georgia's government after the civil war. he was a preacher from bibb county,georgia. many white me did not like him for his rad ical positions.
  • Abraham Lincoln Assassinated

    at ford's theatre john wilkes boothsh shot abraham lincoln while he attend a play booth fled the theatre and was later caught and killed. lincoln was the first u.s. president to be assassinated.
  • 13th amendment ratified

    the amendment outlawed slavery and had to be met by southern states to rejoin. state had to write a new constitution that outlawed slavery.canceled war debt and session.
  • 14th amendment ratified

    the fourtheeth amendment made all people born in u.s. citizens. this also gave equal rights to all citizens. southern states had to pass this amendment to rejoin the union.
  • 15th amendment ratified

    this amendment guaranted all male citizens could vote. any male regardless of race , color,or previous servitude could vote. southern states had to pass this amendment to rejoin union.
  • georgia readmitted to the union

    the georgia legislature ratified the 15th amendment and congress officially readmitted georgia to the union. all federal troops left georgia.democrats took control of georgia's government.