Reconstruction and Race Timeline Courtney Saylor

  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    In 1866, legislatures in the South had passed laws called black codes. The laws that they created were made to control the freed African Americans. This law also made it easier for the white men and woman, because they would take advantage of them, the African Americans did this because the Police officers could fine them money or at time they would be arrested just because they did not have jobs. The life that the freed men and woman had thought the codes were better then slavery.
  • The Civil Rights Act of 1866

    The Civil Rights Act of 1866
    This law gave federal government the power to get involved in state affairs to protect Americans. This also gave the African americans freedom. And this also gave the republicans that were in congress the power to override or defeat vetoes and bills.
  • The Fourteenth Amendment

    The Fourteenth Amendment
    The thirteenth amendment ended slavery, and in the fourteenth amendment says that they are trying to protect the rights of African Americans who were beaten by the government. In the fourteenth amendment promised thet their citizenship could noy be taken away by passing a law.
  • Reconstruction Acts

    Reconstruction Acts
    This law requiredthat that those statesform new governments. But Tennessee had ratified the amendment, they had ended up keeping the government and joined the union again. Each of the states had to submit a new state constitutionto congress for aprooval.
  • The 15th Amendment

    The 15th Amendment
    This Amendment made most of the southern states rejoin the Union at the time the presidential election was coming up in 1868, and this made them hope that this would be the end of the reconstruction act. Then in 1869 they proposedt he 15th amendment, that garenteed that the state and federal government could not deny the right of the male citizen because of race, color, or any past experiences.