Realism in England

  • Industrial Revolution XVIII-XIX

    Start in Britain and then in all the world.Starting in 18th century with manual labor's, manufacturin etc.
  • Paibulfs victorianos.

    The second half of the 19th century has been called the positivist age and one of the most fascinating periods in our history. It has been an age of faith in the positive consequences of what can be achieved through the close observation of the natural and human realms.
  • Charles Dickens

    He was a very famous English writer and social critic.
    Born in Portsmouth, England, Dickens left school to work in a factory after his father was in prision for debds.
    Dickens became famous in 1836 with a serial publication of The Pickwick Papers.
    In few years he had become an international literary celebrity, Known because of for his humour, satire, and keen observation of character and society.
  • Victorian Era

    It's was call the Gilded Age, there was a transition away from the rationalism.
    Two especially important figures in this period of British history are the prime ministers Gladstone and Disraeli
  • Revolution of workers.

    The workers manifested in París claiming some labor rights.