Reading Standard 10 for Grades 11-12) Important Dates of the Victorian Era

  • Period: to

    Lewis Carrol's lifetime

    Lifespan of Alice In Wonderland's Writer
  • Oliver Twist is published

  • Period: to

    Victorian Era

  • Wuthering Heights is published

    Emily BronteEmily Bronte's only major work
  • Darwin publishes The Origin of Species

    Charles DarwinDarwin's controversial book is published.
  • Dr.Jeckyl and Mr. Hyde published

    Robert Louis Stevenson The multi-faced novel is published
  • Jude The Obscure is published

    Thomas HardyThomas Hardy's last novel
  • Dracula is published

    DraculaBram Stoker's infamous Vampire novel is unleashed upon the masses.
  • The Invisible Man published

    HG WellsHG Wells most sought after horror novel is published.