Reading History

Timeline created by Julian Kingman
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  • 1st grade

    1st grade
    1st grade is where my reading everything got started when it came to reading.
  • Sound It Out

    I had to know how to sound out individual letters in-order to read a complete word.
  • Letter Recognition

    Letter Recognition
    I had to learn my ABC's in order to make a solid foundation in learning how to read
  • Reading Comprehension lessons

    Reading Comprehension lessons
    Through the elementary school years I was given lessons on reading comprehension.
  • Educational Cartoons

    Educational Cartoons
    WordWorld was a cartoon show I would watch growing up that really helped me learn how to read
  • Subtitles

    Subtitles on movies is what really gave me that boost to learn how read more properly.
  • Speak

    The technology today really helped. me to be able to read more words than before it came out, What ever you highlight and right click speech will speak.
  • Definition

    There has been several words that sound the same or may be spelled nearly the same but are defined differently. That helps with reading and determining the differences when reading.
  • Vocabulary

    My vocabulary has helped me on my reading because of words that no everybody can understand.
  • high level textbook

    high level textbook
    Through out college I have learned and gotten used to reading.