Ray alter

Ray through time

  • Panther Panchali : The first brick of a fortress

    Panther Panchali : The first brick of a fortress
    Apu and his sister Durga try to make the most out of their poverty-stricken lives. Soon, when their father goes to the city for a job and their mother becomes increasingly bitter, things go downhill.
  • Aporajito

    After the death of his father, Apu leaves his mother and goes to Kolkata to complete his education. His mother falls sick but she does not let the news reach him as it would affect his studies.
  • The World of Apu

    The World of Apu
    Apurba is a young bachelor. He falls in love with Aparna and marries her. She dies during childbirth and gives birth to their son. Apu is devastated by her death. He refuses to see their son.
  • Charulata

    Charulata is the beautiful wife of Bhupati, a newspaper editor who has little to no time for her. When his cousin, Amal, visits them, Charulata starts falling in love with him.
  • Nayak

    A matinee idol Arindam Mukherjee is going by train to collect an acting award. On the train, he meets Aditi, a journalist, with whom he shares his past experiences.