Ray Charles: Timeline

By MiGzies
  • Ray grew up in Georgia with his two mothers

    Ray Charles Johnson was born in Georgia state to his two mothers, Aretha and Mary Jane. He did have a father, but he was never there for Ray. This has a huge influence on him for how he respects women throughout his life.
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    Ray's Life

  • Ray started to get into music

    Ray started learning the piano at a local coffee shop in his hometown, where the owner Mr. Pit taught him throughout most of his childhood.
  • Started to lose his eyesight at the age of 5

    Ray started to lose his eyesight at the age of 5. He recalls not being scared of going blind, because he saw everything he needed to see, and his blindness didn't effect him and his music.
  • fully blind by the age of 8

    Ray was completely blind by the age of 8. Even with this now part of his life, he still continued on as normal, riding his bicycle to his destinations, hanging out with his hometown friends, and playing music in Mr. Pit's coffee shop.
  • Mother sent him off to school for deaf & blind kids

    Aretha sent Ray off to a school for the deaf & blind. His music abilities built up during this time, learning about classic musicians, and having the opportunity every Friday of the school year to play for the students at the school.
  • Ray's mother passes away

    Ray's mother Aretha passes away, which sends him into a deep depression. He recalls feeling very lost and alone at times, and because of this he drops out of school.
  • Left school and moved to Jacksonville

    Ray drops out of school at the age of 15, and travels to Jacksonville to live with good family friends.
  • Started off his music career in Jacksonville

    Ray started to play at some of the music clubs in Jacksonville, where he started making a name for himself in the music buissness. Some of the musicians would tease him, but he continued on playing.
  • Moved to Orlando

    Ray moved to Orlando to start spreading his talent. He joined a band around this time and played with them for a short period of time.
  • Moved to Tampa

    ray moved to Tampa and joined another band. Gaining some practice from playing other songs, Ray starts making his own, and the band he's with started to play some of his songs.
  • Moved to Seattle, started his own band

    Eventually Ray moved to Seattle and started his own band. Very excited about it, his band starts building some rep and very good musicians he comes across.
  • Signed to Atlantic Records

    Atlantic Records contacts Ray about signing to the record label. Ray is thrilled and signs. He started building his music career and was very excited to get started.
  • Signed to ABC Records

    Eventually ABC Records gave Ray a deal he couldn't resist. He left Atlantic Records and joined ABC, where his career blew up and was now a well known musician.
  • Created Tangerine Records

    After being with ABC Records for quite a number of years, Ray created his own record label, Tangerine Records.
  • Ray Charles passes away from liver failure

    After a long life full of alcohol and herion abuse, going to rehab, Ray Charles passes away of liver failure at the age of 64.