Randy's Geological Timeline

  • Cambrian 5570-500 MYA

    Cambrian 5570-500 MYA
    Trilobites dominated
  • Paleozoic 543-348 MYA

    Paleozoic 543-348 MYA
    the first time there was multicellular life forms flourishing the earth
  • Mesozoic 245-208 MYA

    Mesozoic 245-208 MYA
    this time period is the time period when dinosaurs roamed the earth. marked by the KT extinction
  • Cenozoic 248-65 MYA

    Cenozoic 248-65 MYA
    the earth was very hot and alligators were alligators at the north pole.
    homo-sapiens formed, The ice age starts later in this time period.
  • Pre-Cambiran 4800-3800 MYA

    Pre-Cambiran 4800-3800 MYA
    its about 5 times as long as the paleozoic and mesozoic time periods combined. the oldest life forms are bacteria.