Racism in America

  • Slavery was introduced to the North American colonies

  • Period: to

    Black Codes

    Blacks had none of the same rights as a white man.
  • Indian Removal Act

    Authorized the removal of Indian tribes to federal territory west of the Mississippi River.
  • Period: to

    Trail of Tears

    Native Americans were forcibly relocated from their homes in the Southeastern States.
  • Emancipation Proclamation

    Slavery was ended.
  • Period: to

    Jim Crow Laws

    De Jour segregation of whites & non-whites.
  • Immigration Act

    "In all its parts, the most basic purpose of the 1924 Immigration Act was to preserve the ideal of American homogeneity."
    The US federal law reduced greatly the number of immigration from other countries.
  • Japanese Internment Camps

    110,000 Japanese on the west coast were put into internment camps as a result of the bombing of Pearl Harbor. In Hawaii 150,000+ were interned.