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  • Emancipation of the slaves

    Emancipation of the slaves
    After a short period after the beginning of the civil war, it was declared that emancipation was now a major goal in the civil war in opposition to simply uniting the nation.
  • Prohibition and interracial speakeasies open up

    Prohibition and interracial speakeasies open up
    In the prohibition era, racial social norms were disregarded in many of the unlawful interracial bars known as speakeasies. With these interactions people from different races would begin to interact and understand each other.
  • Montgomery bus boycott

    Montgomery bus boycott
    Rosa Parks and her infamous refusal to sit in the rear end of the segregated busses in Montgomery led MLKJ to start a bus boycott which prompted the federal courts to make the ruling that segregation in public transport was unconstitutional
  • Birmingham Riots

    Birmingham Riots
    The Birmingham Riots were a series of originally peaceful protests initiating into a Riot due to a bombing against one of MLKJ'r family member's residence. These protests came about of frustration with the Birmingham Police Department's inadequate investigations into KKK attacks. Following heavy response from both BPD and Alabama Highway Patrol troopers, the riots were successful in ending segregation in the city.
  • March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom

    March on Washington for Jobs and Freedom
    The March on Washington (for jobs and freedom) was a peaceful organisation of protesters which campaigned for equal rights, anti racism and economic opportunity for African Americans. It was where MLKJ delivered his infamous speech "I have a dream" and was successful in obtaining more rights for African Americans.