Race and Reconstruction Timeline Dante

  • Black Codes

    Black Codes
    In 1866, Soutern states passed laws call black codes. It was designed to help freed African Americans. Some black codes made it illegal for African Americans to own stuff. It also made it easy for whites to take advantage of African Americans. African Americans can get arrested for not have a job.
  • Civil rights of 1866

    Civil rights of 1866
    This made so that federal government power could get involved in state affairsto protect African Americans' rights. This countered the Supreme Court decision in the 1857 case. That decision act was the Dred Scott v. Sandford. Johnson vetoed both bills.
  • Reconstructive Acts

    Reconstructive Acts
    10 of the former Confederates states had not ratified the Fourtheenth Admendmant. Congress passed the first Reconsructive Act. This made it so those states form new governments. Tennessee was the only one that had ratified the admendmant. It kept the government and rejoined the Union.
  • The Fourteenth Admendmant

    The Fourteenth Admendmant
    This admendmant couldn't take away African Americans citizenship. Some people considered amending the Constitution to protect African Americans. Increasing violence across the South towards African Americans. Congress made it so Southern states had to ratify the Fourteenth Admendmant.
  • The Fifthteenth Admendmant

    The Fifthteenth Admendmant
    The Fifthteenth Admendmant was for that the state and federal governments could not deny the right to vote to any male citizen. It help so you don't have to be a certain race, color, or previous condition of servitude. They beleived that they have suceeded for African Americans to vote.