• Born of adam lamberg

  • The lást concert of Freddy

  • Period: to

    how the band continued

    the band played with many artists but none replaced freddy
  • Freedy’s dead

  • Tribute to freddy

    the band did a concert for him
  • the appearance of adam lamberg

    adam lamberg went to the amrican idol program where he reached the finals he did not win but he was able to play with queens and they noticed him
  • Adam Lamberg join to band

    he gave life to queens and could replace freddy
  • First tour

    his first tour was in europe
  • First concert of queens with adam lamberg

    this was in the independence square of kiev
  • his first big tour

  • Period: to

    band news

    the band continued to play with adam lamberg until today they continue to do concerts
  • his last tour so far