Puerto Rico's Bilingual History

  • Teaching all subjects in the Public Schools in English

  • Brumbaugh- commissioner of Education established the instruction in english for secondary schools only

  • It was granted official status to both, English and Spanish

  • Commissioner of Education Jose Padin required all subjects taught in Spanish

  • Assimilation policy appeared again with President Roosevelt instituting the English language in all grades

  • Policy changes with Winthrops policy of English language instruction in secondary schools

  • Luis Munoz Marin governor of Puerto Rico established Spanish as the language of instruction in all grades.

  • Law where bilingual Puerto ricans were trained to teach English

  • Two Bilingual projects: Padre Rufo and Papa Juan XXIII schools

  • Bilingual education becomes part of the Department of English in the Department of Education

  • "Spanish Only" approved by the Popular Party.

  • Revoked "Spanish Only" legislation and established English and Spanish as official languages in Puerto Rico.

  • Immersion english Programs in Puerto Rico:" Project to create a bilingual Citizen"

    Immersion English Programs in Puerto Rico: " Project to Create a bilingual Citizen"
  • At present twelve schools are preparing bilingual children teaching Science, Math,\ in English. students take an English and a Spanish class, Social Studies in Spanish