Puerto Rico Language Policy Timeline

By gyranix
  • English is established as langauge of instruction in public schools

    Dr. John Eaton, the US Comissioner of Education establishes that Puerto Rican teachers needed to learn English and those who did would be given priority when hiring time came.
  • Creation of Department of Public Instruction

  • Both languages are given official status

    The educative policy is that Spanish is to be preserved and English is to be acquired. English is given as a special subject. English is the language of instruction in secondary schools only by Comissioner Brumbaugh.
  • Period: to

    English usage increases

    English usage in school increases with the purpose of making it the official lanague of instruction.
  • English as language for instruction in all grades

    The langauge act is revoked and English once again becomes the langauge for instruction in all grades.
  • Spanish is suppresed, English becomes main language

    Spanish is supressed and English becomes the main language used in education.
  • Change towards Nationalistic view

    Spanish is once again reinstated as language for instruction in the first four grades.
  • Spanish becomes the language for instruction up to eighth grade

    Comissioner Jose Padin fought to have Spanish as the language of instruction and English taught as a second langauge. He did not relinquish English, but emphasized it as a second language providing opportunities ofr its acquisition. He defended Puerto Rican identity.
  • Period: to

    Juan B. Huyke

    Juan B. Huyke establishes that English has to be used in and out of the classroom, teachers and student's who speak Spanish.
  • Language Policy shifts towards assimilation once more

    Comissioner Winthrop established English once again as langauge for instruction in all grades.
  • Bilingual Program tried to be Implemented

    Comissioner Gallardo tried to implement a bilingual program, but protests didn't allow it.
  • Winthrop policy modified

    Comissioner Winthrop's policy is modified to make English the langauge of instruction in secondary schools
  • Spanish become sthe langauge of instruction for the first 6th grades

    Spanish becomes the langauge of instruction up to 6th grade and English as a special subject.
  • Spanish is implemented as the langauge of instruction for all grades

    Dr. Mario Villaronga establishes Spanish as language to use to teach in all levels and gradeds.,
  • Spanish establsihed as langauge of instruction for all grades

    A shift tiowards Nationalism ocurrs when Luis Munoz Marin ios elected governor of Puerto Rico. Spanish is declared as language of instruction with the exeception of English which would be taught for a period each day.
  • Spanish Only Policy

    The Popular Party estavlishes the "Spanish Only" policy which says that Spanish was the official language of instruction in Puerto Rico. Teachinf of English as second language.
  • English and Spanish recognized both as official languages

    The PNP party declares english and DSpanish to be official languages in Puerto Rico.