Puerto Rico Language Policy

By bremake
  • Discovery of the Americas to the time until the United States took over the island.

    From the time Christopher Columbus discovered America, until the time the United States took over the island, in 1898, Puerto rico's main language was Spanish. The schools were basically religious and were rarely offered to people with a less desireable economic background.
  • Spanish - American War

    School instruction before the Spanish-American War was based on Europian educational modules uner the influence of General Eulogio Despujol. Pedagogical schools of law were created, for auxiliary, rural, kindergarten and adults, and education was extended to the poor. When America took over Puerto Rico, there was two major changes; religious teachings were eliminated and free education was established.
  • Foracker Act

    American culture was emphasized teaching English in schools, but without losing the Spanish.
  • Spanish Ruled Out Completely

    Commisionaer Roldan Faulkner ruled out Spanish completely and English was substituted as the primary language for all grades.
  • Teachers Protested

    Introduces the use of spanish in first grade for various courses. Annoyed with this imposition teachers presented a project to make Spanish mandatory teaching aids.
  • The Jones-Shafroth Act

    The "Jones" Act imposed upon the citizens of Puerto Rico the United States Citizenship. Many people, such as , poets, educators, and public figures resisted the idea of forced citizenship.
  • Jose Padin re-enstated Spanish

    President Theodor Rooselvelt appointed Jose Padin as commisioner. He re-enstated Spanish as the means of instruction fro the first through the eigth grades. Double periods of English were given in the eight grades to the twelfth grade.
  • José Gallardo restricted English to Secondary Level

    Jose Gallardo restricted English to the secondary level, and consequently school officials lacked the money expertise and the iniciative to enter into bilingualism.
  • The Department of Instruction Attempts to Restrict English classes.

    The Department of Public Instruction tried to restrict English classes to two periods a week. The islanders opposed this action throughout the island.
  • Bilingual Education Act in Puerto Rico

    Signed the Bilingual Education Act in Puerto Rico. Federal funds requested to meet the needs of Puerto Ricans who returns from United States.
  • Education Reform Policy

    Curiculum was directed toward the intellectual development and critical thinking skills. Priority ws given to moral education and development of values. This was then renamed E.C.A. (exploration, conceptualization, and application)
  • Organic Law

    The Organic Law # 68 mad Spanish the medium of Language ta the public schools and English was the taught as a second language.
  • Pedro Rosello proclaimed Both Spanish and English to be used.

    Governor Pedro Rosello proclaimed that both languages con be used.
  • Twenty First Century Bilingual Schools in Puerto Rico

    Governor Luis Fortuño implemented the concept of bilingual schools in 32 schools in Puerto Rico, in Kindergarten, First and Second grades.